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Please see our club server's discord rules below. Breakers of these rules will either be banned (when noted), or exiled to #minion-globalist-agenda channel for an indeterminate amount of time depending on the severity of your crime.

1. No racist, sexist, or homophobic abuse. Breakers of this rule will be banned.

2. Please refrain from any talk about musicals or ska.

3. Absolutely no real-life pornography or sexual advances on other club members (minion & cartoon porn is ok). Breakers of this rule will be banned.

4. No muting other club members. If you are having a conflict, take it up with either the @Mods or buttress so we can find a resolution.

5. All astrology-related conversations are limited to the #mystical-bullshit channel. In general, all mystical and magickal unscientific thinking discourse is limited to this channel.

6. If you quit the server do not ask to come back.


In the instance of hostile conflict, buttress and/or the mods may institute a temporary emergency protocol where all members are required to speak in E-prime language only. E-prime is a form of English which omits all forms of "to be". You can find these forms below. Members must speak in E-prime only until the hostile conflict is resolved.

Forms of "To Be"
(these words are forbidden during E-prime protocol)

be / am / is / are / was / were / been / being

Their affirmative contractions are also forbidden

I'm (I am) / you're (you are) / he's (he is) / she's (she is) / it's (it is) / we're (we are) / you're (you are) / they're (they are)

as well as their negative contractions

aren't (are not) / isn't (is not) / wasn't (was not) / weren't (were not)

#public channel

If you are able to type in this channel & not in the others, please follow the instructions for linking your Patreon rewards through Discord, or send buttress a message.


(A/V channel) #voice-chat

Our voice chat channel is where all club voice discussions transpire, including book club! Club members are also encouraged to stream their own music through this channel or whatever else they feel like when the channel is not occupied!

(A/V channel) #quarantine-stream

This channel is where buttress streams video for our Yoga, Shredding and other quarantine activities!

#album channel

This channel is devoted to all activities relating to our Phenomenology Club collaboration album, which is in progress.

#art-house channel

This channel exists for club members to post their personal art projects and related links. Please share your art with us!

#book-club channel

This channel is where we post all materials related to our Speed Reading (FKA Book Club) series.

#dnd channel

This channel is where we document our Dungeons n' Dragons adventures. For more information on our Dungeons n' Dragons activities, please visit the club homepage & see the DnD listing under our Schedule section!

#film-n-tv screenings channel

This channel is where we type live commentary during any one of our various group film or television viewings!

#general-chat screenings channel

This is our general chat. Feel free to talk about whatever you want, sans mystical bullshit.

#isis channel

This is our designated feminist channel.

#max channel

This channel exists for running max simulations. In this channel, all users are max. Turn on notifications if you would like to be alerted when it is time Become Max.

#minion-globalist-agenda channel

The Minions movie franchise has an agenda, and this channel is devoted to figuring out exactly what it is.

#mystical-bullshit channel

This channel exists for discussing mystical bullshit away from our other group members who do not consent to such bullshit. Astrology, 528 Hz restructured water, binaural beats, DMT elves - all of these kinds of topics are strictly limited to this channel. Do not expose others to your bullshit.

#nu-jersey channel

Nu Jersey is our hypothetical model of a pure and perfect government. This channel is devoted to related conversations. Please see our main page for some Nu Jersey chats & images under the Projects site section.

#perspective™ channel

This channel exists to document our group collaboration on a browser app called perspective™

#phenomenology channel

This channel exists specifically for our most philosophical & phenomenological conversations. Get in here & get trippy!