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Phenomenology Club Radio


Phenomenology Club Radio is where we upload club music, interviews, highlights from our club audio sessions, & more! All uploads can be found on our Youtube page, or you can watch in the embedded player to the right!

Some of these broadcasts stream live on our Youtube, so please be sure to subscribe to receive notifications for when they do! Enjoy!

We also have a Soundcloud page where we repost content from our club members. Again, make sure you fucking subscribe!


As many of our many club members are musicians, we recruit them from time to time to create short original soundtracks for our various video lectures! These are avaiable as short releases linked below. Check it out!

If you are interested in submitting your own original music score, please message buttress on the club Patreon.

Marc Riordan - Cosmic Teenagers
Original music for Phenomenology Club Episode Against Spirituality
Download on Bandcamp here
Lankatron - NDE
Original music for Phenomenology Club Episode Separating the Art from the Artist
Download on Bandcamp here
Swin Deorin - thoobmsoobn
Original music for Phenomenology Club Episode "Consciousness - What It Be Like?"(Unreleased)
Download on Bandcamp here


We are currently working as a group on a Phenomenology Club Compilation Album!

For any club member interested in contributing to this release, please contact buttress 2 ASAP on our Patreon or our club Discord, where we have a channel specifically set up for this purpose of collaborating on this work.

We have already begun so, if you are interested, don't hesitate to reach out!

Check out our various club artists below!

Bash Nova free range beard keeper from Scotland (Bandcamp 1) (Bandcamp 2) (Bandcamp 3)
Visual Art
Buttress hello from the gutters (Soundcloud) (YouTube)
Visual Art
Dazzlin' Dylan Radio DJ Dazzlin' Dylan (
Falterfigure sounds from the jersey swamp (Soundcloud)
Cami-Oh ethereal dance music from the septic sludge (Soundcloud) (Bandcamp)
Visual Art
Cumulus Frisbee experimental beats (Soundcloud) (Bandcamp)
Visual Art
Dog Jetski Donald Anderson (Soundcloud)
Visual Art
Hawk Heriot Witch trap, partly from Wisconsin (Soundcloud)
Jawn Diego perreo pseudo punk (Soundcloud)
Jxhn Crxw opened his third eye, now he's blind (Spotify) (Soundcloud)
Visual Art
Lankatron psychedelia & angst from behind the walls of a bloodstone (Patreon) (Soundcloud) (Spotify)
Visual Art
Samuelx underground popstar (Spotify) (Soundcloud)
Trendollas podcast papi (Soundcloud)
THE UN1VERSE psychedelic hip-hop (Audiomack) (Spotify)
Zuffary songs from a midwest basement (Bandcamp) (Soundcloud)
Visual Art
Zero X Machina Multidimensional Rap & Melodies, usually self produced (Youtube) (Soundcloud)

Art Gallery

Bash Nova mixed media, paint, graphite, ink, digital & sound (Instagram) (Etsy) Image Gallery
buttress art & design ( Image Gallery
Cami-Oh Collaged alter egos from within. How many of you are in you? (Instagram) Image Gallery
CJ Scherer midwest art- album covers and comics (Instagram)
Cumulus Frisbee drawings of big ugly dudes (Jack Cotolo)
curlynasa curly, girly, otherworldly (Instagram)
Dion56k shrimp titties (Twitter) ("Bitchtits" animated MV) Image Gallery
Helios One Web-developer extraordinaire (Twitter)
Jxhn Crxw the result of throwing up on acid (Instagram) Image Gallery
Lankatron to be haunted (Instagram) Image Gallery
Tiny Toad 5 hour Book Club MVP (Instagram) Image Gallery
Zuffary hopes to create a truly cursed image (Instagram) Image Gallery

If you would like to submit your work to our Club Gallery,
please message buttress on our Patreon


Click links on the left to view art galleries & links for our club's visual artists.

If you would like to submit your work to our Club Gallery, please message buttress on our Patreon

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Video Lectures


To view our public videos, please visit our Youtube channel.

Talk About It

Our motto here at Phenomenology Club is Talk About It™, because essentially, that is the primary mode of doing all Philosophy.

And in accordance with this, we've decided it was also an apt name for our group discussion series, where together we Talk About our club lecture videos!

For this series, we are going in order through the club lecture videos and having group discussions in our Discord. To listen to the group discussions we've already had, please see the previous Videos section for links.

Our next discussion will be about the Phenomenology Club video The Implicit Logical Bias of Language which you can watch here. If you are interested in participating, please watch the linked video, and be in our club Discord at the scheduled date and time listed in the sidebar of our website menu!

See you there!

Speed Reading

Speed Reading

Speed Reading is Phenomenology Club's reading series, formerly known as Book Club! The purpose of this series is to engage with & discuss philosophical texts together.

Absolutely NO prior exposure to or knowledge of philosophical texts is required. The purpose of Speed Reading is to introduce those of you who have little exposure to philosophy to gain some.

Readings are short at 25 pages or less, and we meet only every two weeks, so that even the busiest of us has ample time to participate!

Every meeting we discuss a wholly independent text. That means you can jump in at any time, and we hope you do!

For those of you unable to attend or perhaps wish to listen alone to our audio recorded meetings, we encourage you to do so by checking out the embedded player below!



Speed Reading Round 1 (which is presently ongoing - see adjacent syllabus) readings have been chosen for how their content can ultimately be related to p h e n o m e n o l o g i c a l concepts. ​

How did the ancient philosophers come to their particular interpretations of ideas like perception, and of appearances, and of knowing, and why? Which of those ideas paved way for better ones & which were abandoned? Is existence material? What is the role of philosophy in distinguishing between concepts of the mind versus external phenomena? How does examining the history of philosophy help us understand what eventually is called Phenomenology in the 20th century?

See you at a Speed Reading meeting! ​


​ Some of our Speed Reading materials are available to the public, listed below. To see other materials & gain access to our group discussions, become a member on our Patreon



Downloads & Media




The Nu Jersey Project

The Nu Jersey project is a collaborative project where we set out to create a theoretical philosophy of government.

This project is in its very beginning stages & will ultimately culminate in a group discussion series. Those group discussion meetings have not yet been announced.

In the interim, please observe our most preliminary outline of our most fundamental theory of government, the details of which will be eventually discussed in our first meeting. Click the image to see/download in its original size & resolution.

If you wish to share your ideas, please join us in the club Discord, where we have a Nu Jersey channel!

About Us

Phenomenology Club ( P h e n o m e n o l o g y C l u b ) is an interactive set of learning materials designed to pinpoint & harness your phenomenological abilities. You are a god.

Through our rigorous curriculum, we will teach you many methods with which you can more thoughtfully analyze the various processes by which you are at all times perceiving & translating back to yourself your conscious experiences of Being in the world...and in this way, lead a more meaningful existence.

Please direct all inquiries to


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